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Art of Change was started in 2006 with the objective of creating and offering training and developmental solutions for individuals and corporates so that people unleash their potential. It is led by training professionals with varied experience in customer service, marketing and human resource domain. We have our presence in Kerala ,Karnataka, Tamil Nadu , Goa and Delhi, and are proud of our excellent pool of certified trainers

We take pride in having our client base in different segments, and have successfully delivered the products for their requirements. Art Of Change has grown leaps and bounds over the years and enjoy a enviable  reputation amongst our clients for the peerless work that only we offer

We at Art Of Change enable you to learn the methods for manufacturing success and also transforming individuals with tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming. The PSMs and NLP trainings needs no special schooling or talent nor anything that a normal person does not have or can easily obtain.

Surveys throughout have shown that success in life is due to

1)    Ability to do satisfactory work –15%

2)    Personal success characteristic-85%

 And why employees were fired in their jobs

1)    Unsatisfactory workmanship-15%

2)    Disliked personal qualities-85%

 Therefore the PSMs are very important in improving on the 85 % factor. Employment is only a part of your success in life. So when you learn PSMs they increase your total success at home- work, everywhere all the time.


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Our Mission

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To inspire, motivate, educate, empower and train individuals to achieve their life goals of Success, Excellence and Happiness. To impart coaching and training’s.... More...

Our Vision

Sample image To be a trailblazer in providing individuals, institutions and organizations with customized training solutions that augments their Effectiveness and Efficiency. More...

How we Train

Sample imageWe focus on applying methodologies and tools of  Neuro Linguistic Programming,  the most powerful Behavioral Science and Transformational Technology. More...