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You were born to succeed-Success is natures Law. Yet many fail because they have not used the natural success instinct with which they were born.

Success is not a matter of who you are and what you are or where you are but just a matter of doing certain things using the Proven Success Methods-PSMs

Success, by itself is a separate, specific and distinct study subject as Maths, Physics, Chemistry or any other study subject taught in schools.

The law and principles of Success are just as real –as provable as law of Gravity. The study of success as a separate study subject deals with as many different and identifiable factors as almost any other subject and more than most. There are few other subjects which are composed of as many different laws, principles, rules and identifiable factors.

The reason why people succeed slowly in their professions or occupations is that they concentrate on improving their skills .The fact that improving ones skill in one's profession is just one of the many PSMs. Since there are more than a thousand PSMs, you can easily realize that you are handicapping yourself by concentrating on only one proven success method (job skill) out of a thousand additional success methods. So in addition to improving your job skills you also must use as many PSMs as possible to be a success and get richer. Just by improving your job skills one cannot become richer and successful.


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